Hi, I am Mire

I am a professional hybrid shooter who creates both cinematic and stills for wedding clients. I live in a city called Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Having lived in rural areas most of my life, my Camera obsession began capturing nature and landscape moments. I was encouraged by my family to take my work seriously and make a career out of it.

So then........

Mire Productions was born and was founded in late 2016. Starting off as a freelance photographer I found myself shooting all styles of photography. I knew there is more to Photography and this is when I decided to do Wedding shoots. This quickly became something I wanted to do professionally. With each wedding shoot I did, my confidence and personality grew with it. I love photography and film creating but what I love more is the art of telling a story through a lens.



“We are so grateful to be able to relive our special day whenever we want. Despite the high demands on the day Mire was very comfortable and that in turn made us feel at ease.”